Jasmine Douglas was born on August 5th, 1992 in Chesapeake, Virginia. 

She is ethnically ambiguous with Jamaican, Irish, Cuban and Norwegian background. 

At 8 yeard old, She began acting in theatre productions at church.

From there she learned, improv along with singing, dancing and acsoustic guitar.

At age 10, she signed with AGE Kids Modeling Agency in Miami Beach.

Presently she is signed as a fulltime Actress and Model and hopes to create and thrive in the industry for the rest of her life. 

She believes she was created to inspire others by igniting energy, love, and joy to every person she encounters.

A message from Jasmine;

"God, this is for you.

For my encouraging Husband, Pwayko Skybank. 

For my brothers. 

For my mother and father. 

For the legacy that was set before me. 

For my dearest friends, 

you know who you are. 

For the me that almost gave up. 

For the passionates. 

The Pioneers. 

The Trailblazers.

For the lost. 

And for anyone that hasn't started yet, 

if you're looking for a sign... This is it. 

This is FOR YOU. "