Jasmine Douglas was born on August 5th in Chesapeake, Virginia. Her parents James and Cynthia Douglas are pastors, married for 28 years. She has a twin brother named James and year younger brother named Jordan. Ethnically ambiguous Jasmine is Jamaican, Irish, Cuban and Norwegian. Two years after living in Virginia her family moved to Minnesota and lived there until she was eight years old. 

Her journey took her to South Florida in 2001. Jasmine grew up in church. Fortunately, she was surrounded by passionate, artistic people who firmly believed in community and giving back. Her church family empowered the next generation and allowed her to learn everything the arts has to offer.  

She began acting in theatre productions as well as improv, singing, dancing and learning musical instruments. At age 10, She signed with a AGE Kids Modeling Agency in Miami Beach.

Now as an adult, Jasmine is a professional Actress and Model. 

She inspires others by bringing energy, love and joy to every person she encounters. 

A note from Jasmine Douglas;

"God, this is for you. 

For my brothers. For my mother and father. For the legacy that was set before me. 

For my encouraging boyfriend, Pwayko Skybank. 

For my dearest friends, you know who you are. 

For the younger me. 

For the passionates out there that need to know someone is with them and understands.

For the lost. 

For anyone that hasn't started, if you're looking for a sign...  THIS IS IT!

This is FOR YOU. "